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4 Holiday Gift Ideas For The Early Shopper, Part 1

With Halloween coming up in just a few days, this spooky holiday is just the beginning of a series of holidays on the horizon. At Q&A Himalayan Salt, your Top Rated Local® Himalayan salt lamp retailer, we know many of you are eager to start your holiday shopping early. In today’s post, we’ll offer some excellent gift ideas perfect for a variety of styles, lifestyles, and aesthetics. Ready to peruse our extensive selection of pink salt lamps and other Himalayan salt products? Visit our site to start your shopping adventure! In the meantime, here are some fun holiday gift ideas to get you started. Four Holiday Gift Ideas For Early Shoppers Natural, Handcrafted Himalayan Salt Lamps Himalayan salt lamps make...

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4 Ways To Use Himalayan Salt Lamps As Halloween Decorations

One of the best parts about fall is that it’s the season with everyone’s favorite scary holiday: Halloween! The month of October offers 31 days to eat all the best Halloween candy, dress up in frightfully fun costumes, and, of course, deck out your home with pumpkins, ghosts, and ghouls. But if you are looking for creative ways to decorate your home for Halloween this year, have we got spooky decorating ideas for you! There are a number of ways you can use Himalayan salt lamps to create a soothing yet mysterious atmosphere in your home for everyday enjoyment or for chilling All Hallows’ Eve party. Today, we’ll share some of our favorite Halloween decorating tips with you. The key...

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Fall Fun With Himalayan Salt Lamps, Part 2

Welcome back to our short blog series! Last time, we began looking at ways to transform your home into a fall haven using your Himalayan salt lamps. Don’t have a salt lamp in your home yet? Head over to Q&A Himalayan Salt to peruse our wide selection of 100 percent pure rock salt lamps hand-crafted from stunning pink salt found in the Himalayas. Now then, here are the decorative tips we offered in part one: Showcase your salt lamps for all your neighbors to enjoy by placing a salt lamp in each front-facing window of your home. Make a gorgeous fall arrangement to surround your Himalayan salt lamp. Place Himalayan salt night lights in frequented rooms to add a touch...

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Fall Fun With Himalayan Salt Lamps, Part 1

Fall is nearly upon us, and we at Q&A Himalayan Salt couldn’t be more excited. There’s nothing quite like the cool, crisp, colorful days of fall spent sipping hot herbal tea and cozying up with a good book and a comfy blanket. If you’re like many people this time of year, you’re probably looking for ways to spruce up your home in the best fall colors and decor to make your home that much comfier. If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to transform your home to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere using colors, decorations, and, of course, Himalayan salt lamps. In the anticipation of fall, here are some ways you can have fun with your salt lamps to...

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What You Should Know About Himalayan Salt Lamps, Part 2

Welcome back! In our recent post, we began answering some of the top questions people have about Himalayan salt lamps. Himalayan salt lamps have grown in popularity in recent years because of their beauty, ambiance, and the many benefits they offer. For those who are still unfamiliar with what a Himalayan salt lamp is, where the salt comes from, and why these lamps are pink, be sure to read part one of this short blog series. Today, we have answers to a few more questions about pink salt lamps, so sit back, relax, and enjoy your read! Ready to order a salt lamp for your bedroom, desk, or spa? Head over to Q&A Himalayan Salt to shop our wide selection...

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The Himalayan COARSE Pink Salt offered by Q&A Himalayan Salt is “Gourmet Food Grade,” the highest quality of Himalayan salt available. It is used by holistic chefs, spas, health professionals, and individuals.