TEXAS Home State Himalayan Salt Shot Glass

$ 6.95

Product Description

Home. It’s the place you long to be, or the place you can’t imagine leaving. No matter which, there’s no place like it.

We get it. And The Himalayan Salt Shot Glass with Texas Home State Engraved into the Salt Shot Glass helps you show off your home state with pride, stylishly.  The Texas Map engraved into the salt glass is painted in black color from the outside.

***You will not find these engraved glasses anywhere else!***

These unique Himalayan salt shot glasses (made out of all natural Pink Salt) were designed specifically to enhance the complex, smoky and slightly sweet flavor of tequila, mezcal or your favorite fiery booze. Hand carved from a single piece of pink Himalayan salt, these shot glasses add a subtle salty note to any drink (so please, ditch the shaker of table salt). Simply serve with a lime wedge and drink up. Salt shot glasses also make great vessels for mini frozen margaritas or tapas-night gazpacho shooters. 

Drinks get saltier the longer you leave them in the glass, so drink up. Also, salt dissolves when left in contact with liquid, so don’t leave liquid in them for extended periods of time or soak in water. To clean, simply damp a cloth with lemon juice and wipe the inside with it.  After patting it with lemon juice damp cloth, then completely dry with a dry towel.

Packaging: 1 GLASS EACH

The Shot Glass holds 1.5 oz. Standard Shot.





The Himalayan COARSE Pink Salt offered by Q&A Himalayan Salt is “Gourmet Food Grade,” the highest quality of Himalayan salt available. It is used by holistic chefs, spas, health professionals, and individuals for its range of nutritional and therapeutic properties.